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An additional concern is whether the person making the dedication has the right to do so.

Only the copyright owner can dedicate a work to the public domain.

Information about locating copyright owners is provided in Chapter 13.

Generally clip art is sold in books, digital bundles, or from websites, and is often offered as “copyright-free.” The term “copyright-free” is usually a misnomer that actually refers to either royalty-free artwork or work in the public domain.

If a work was written by several authors and published after 1977, it will not expire until 70 years after the last surviving author dies.

This usually involves some unique selection process, for example, a poetry scholar compiling a book— Copyright has expired for all works published in the United States before 1923. As an example, the graphic illustration of the man with mustache (below) was published sometime in the 19th century and is in the public domain, so no permission was required to include it within this book.In 2020, works published in 1924 will expire, and so on.For works published after 1977, if the work was written by a single author, the copyright will not expire until 70 years after the author’s death.In other words, if the work was published in the U. before January 1, 1923, you are free to use it in the U. These rules and dates apply regardless of whether the work was created by an individual author, a group of authors, or an employee (a work made for hire).Because of legislation passed in 1998, no new works will fall into the public domain until 2019, when works published in 1923 will expire.

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However, even if the artwork is in the public domain, the complete collection may not be reproduced and sold as a clip art collection because that may infringe the unique manner in which the art is collected (known as a compilation or collective work copyright).

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