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I used to work night shift as an RN in a busy ICU back in the UK.

I would regularly work 7-10 nights straight with very little sleep, as I had a problem sleeping during the day........

I've been fortunate, since joining the site in September I've met some mighty cool people, both men and women, including several UK folks who I regularly correspond with and count as friends.

Sure, I've encountered a few non-fun oddballs here that I'd as soon not spend a lot of time on, but just like everything else in life, I use my judgement and budget my resources appropriately.

You must keep the same hours all week or else it will completly screw you up. Employers who do not wish to comply can run their businesses during normal hours through the week and if they ant more, managment is quite welcome to keep the business going during "off hours:.The only thing that I do not like about working that shift is that I tend to be buggered on weekends if I stay up on fridays which i do quite often.I have read somewhere also, that every hour of sleep you neglect to get, you can't recharge at a later date.Upon your arrival at the night, you’ll be greeted by one of our representatives who will take your name and ask you to fill out a quick form.You’ll then be told more about the night and any promotions that might be taking place.

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