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People of Greece have settled abroad also and Melbourne Is the City with the Largest Greek Population Outside Greece.

The Ambraciots dedicated also a bronze ass, having conquered the Molossians in a night battle.

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A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband- this seems to be so funny, but this has come from the deep social observation.

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So they think that Cyrnus prevents the west wind and the north wind from reaching as far as Sardinia.

Others say that the cause is Cyrnus, which is separated from Sardinia by no more than eight stades of sea, and is hilly and high all over.

The reason is partly the salt that crystallizes here, partly the oppressive, violent south wind, and partly the fact that, because of the height of the mountains on the side towards Italy, the north winds are prevented, when they blow in summer, from cooling the atmosphere and the ground here.

The atmosphere here is on the whole heavy and unwholesome.

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[10.18.4] By the side of this Athena the Rhodians of Lindus set up their image of Apollo.

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