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So she must be getting excited by relating me with my sister Shradha. Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Amit: Hi Divya says: hi Amit: you from? Divya: 21 Amit: Ok Divya: do you have any real sister? Amit: 21 Divya: oh my god me 2 strange anyways what’s your age?

Most important thing: You must know I have a real sister, whose name is Shradha.She would wear half sari all the time which would make her look very cute and young.So, when she chats, she would wear this transparent material which shows her deep cleavage and navel.Sana Azeem: main burke mein hun mere piya jayrathod7777: teri figure kaisi hai/ Sana Azeem: meri figure 34-26-36 hai…This sexy married bhabhi would put her kid and husband to sleep as soon as possible.

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i forgot Rohan Mehra: hey nikita…have u found some one else now to chat with Rohan Mehra: quite a busy soul nikoosaxena: shut up Rohan Mehra: why…

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