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I never had room to go into full detail about the extent and dangers found in the old smuggler's tunnels below town, who's been leaving birthday presents for Rynshinn at Vernah's Fine Clothing, or exactly what drove Jervis Stoot to become a relentless serial killer, but that doesn't mean I didn't have an idea even at the time what was going on.

With Sandpoint: Light of the Lost Coast I can finally pull back the curtain and expose some, but not all, of Sandpoint's secrets.

Many of the elements of that campaign, from the Red Bishop to Pillbug Podiker's antics are direct results of that campaign.

Anyway, here's hoping that you all enjoy your upcoming visit to Sandpoint as much as I enjoyed setting the place up for you to explore!

Cities rise and fall alongside the civilizations that build them; some falling into ruin, some serving as the foundation for new settlements, and some weathering the test of time.

This month sees the release of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Planar Adventures, but there's far more to the planes than could ever be covered in a single book.

I'm so pleased to say that all of the lore and gazetteer information in . I can't say as I've been all around the Inner Sea, but I did my fair share of traveling before I bought this place. But they still need a place to drink and gamble, don't they? I was actually a senator's aide for a day in Oppara—that's a story for another time—and had to purchase a brand-new doublet just so they would let me in. Truth be told, that was the finest bar I've ever been thrown out of. But if anyone could do it, I told myself in true Taldan fashion, it was me. The first major challenge was determining what tone we wanted to present Taldor with going forward, in part because we've been less than consistent on it in the past.

Those novels provided bone-chilling glimpses into the stark wickedness of Kuthite life, and Liane did an incredible job building those details into a rich, nuanced, and horrific world for Game Masters and players to explore. I can't believe it, this book even has the rules for a handful of pub games! I think I have an old dented helmet in the back from my days in the Molthune militia if you want to go a few rounds. Some sources made it out to be more like the Byzantine Empire, complete with laws dictating who could have a beard, while other sources described the court of Louis XIV, with nobles so incompetent that they couldn't even spell their own names correctly.

To venture into a planar city is to become part of a living, breathing community that has outlived the greatest of empires on Golarion—and perhaps were even founded before any living creature graced the surface of that world.

Or, if you're the less adventurous type, imagining opening your mailbox to find a postcard with one of these landscapes printed on the front, along with the phrase "Wish You Were Here!

" Of course, which particular landscape is printed on your postcard might give a different tone to those words!

And then there's the fact that the town's original name translated roughly into "Sand Point"...

although time and the tides have long since washed away the point bar of sand that once protected the harbor.

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It was a blast finally getting to set these mysteries down on paper for others to explore, and just as fun to make my own discoveries along the way.

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