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She was unwakeable and it turned out that she's been harming herself." I asked Ryan with so much hatred in my voice. "He's the fucking reason why mom and dad are here. I walked near Lauren's bedside and for unknown reasons, I felt the need to put my hand on her forehead. He looked up at me with his eyes filled with tears and shook his head. You don't give a damn about her." Christina growled. " Katherine told me, still looking at the hated boy. He's the reason why they are in a stupid coma! And the girls are famous in the story, but not Ryan Beatty. Enjoy : D (PS: Don't forget to comment your thoughts on the story! We needed to discuss some serious things that could happen to Lauren and the band. "'s....." I replied, no really knowing how to respond to that. Not knowing if your parents are alive, having your little sister stuck in the hospital. You girls are so amazing." she added, giving me another warm hug. I felt my eyes tear up and I just sobbed in her shoulders. Now, how the heck am I gonna find my older sisters? As I was starting to panic, I remembered walking past a cafeteria on this floor.Mike already left with the boys and the rest of my sisters, minor Lauren, are playing with cards. She may not be my best friend, but I gladly consider as my long lost seventh sister. Our emotional moment soon got interrupted when Angela broke the hug up. I'm volunteering here as a medical assistant for a couple of weeks." she explained when she saw the confusion in my eyes. Look, Angela, I'm gonna go look for Christina and Katherine. Maybe Christina and Katherine went to that food court instead of the main one, all the way downstairs. I hope you remember me." the teen said, his voice trembling.

Amy Cimorelli made her theatrical film debut in the comedy-drama movie, Hope Springs Eternal in 2018.

" I said, laughing quietly so that I wouldn't wake Lauren up.

You don't have to if you don't want to." I asked her. I turned around and saw my two older siblings walking in my direction, with a furious look on their faces. "Oh, you know him very well." Katherine replied angrily. Ryan Beatty, the jerk that broke Lauren's heart nearly two months ago.

Read to find out : D Christina's POV "Jeez, what is taking Alex so long!?

Suddenly, Lauren let out the most heart-breaking scream ever. I quickly looked over, hoping to see the doctor, but instead I saw my favorite guy in the whole wide world standing in the doorway.

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