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Throughout their marriage, they spent over ,000 per month.“[Prousalis] claims that [Super] has deliberately reduced his income and should be charged with an ability to earn of 0,000 per year, although it is recognizably irrelevant in determining permanent spousal support, for purposes of temporary support, guidelines support should have been ,626,” the court papers read.

Super paid for her basic living expenses for a few months.

Instead, it’s Tom’s lingering connection to Ramona Singer.

Apparently, Ramona is still in contact with Tom, and even called him up to get an invite for her and a girlfriend to Tom’s New Year’s Eve party, which, of course, would have been Tom and Lu’s first anniversary!

Rich is apparently still married, but like all middle-aged dudes who are looking to stick it into something new, he’s fanning out the argument that he .” Lu has previously hinted she was seeing someone new but wouldn’t cough up who the new piece was, which is kind of cute.

They can enjoy five minutes of the honeymoon phase before she’s contractually obligated to bring him along to a dinner party with Ramona Singer and the rest of the Manhattan banshees, one of them makes up a friendship with Rich’s wife, and the whole thing goes up in smoke!

He claimed he does not have money to support her and said the money he paid post-split “satisfied his obligation towards her support.” She also accused him of using ,000, gifted by her mother for their honeymoon in Italy, to pay off his separate property debts.

Ex-Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps has bounced from Count Chocula (isn’t that how she got her title?

) to a series of fellas, including one she was married to for just enough time to give her a central plotline on this season’s Page Six says Lu has been stepping out with her agent, Rich Super, for the last few weeks and that they’re already pretty serious.

which had clients including comedians Kevin Pollak and Richard Lewis, and reality stars like Theresa Caputo and Captain Sig Hansen, Starcasm reported. He filed for divorce with Mary Elany Prousalis in December 2000, six months after marriage.

Prousalis’ lawyer claimed the two were having issues determining spousal support.“Although this is a very short marriage, there is an issue of short-term support because of the disparity between the relative income of the parties, she has need and [Super] has the ability to support her,” papers obtained from Superior Court of California read, Radar Online reported.

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Luann decides to confront Ramona about this, noting there’s a big difference between bumping into your friend’s ex out on the street and calling them up on the phone. She knew I was dating him and never shared that fact.”“I didn’t really want to go, but she wanted to go,” Ramona then shares, seemingly throwing her girlfriend under the bus.“Tell her to text him!

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