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Would love to know why you're not interested in going to the ones in the Skeff? Have thought of going to these things before, and it would be nice to have a few to go along with lol, plus I always seem to have the idea in my mind that there's only going to be people there that are much much older than me lol, but from looking at photos of these Events, they seem to have fairly average passable-looking middle-aged people there too lol!

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I think this is mainly geared towards the more advanced in years though, and the widowed community, but just another suggestion.~ If I'm not mistaken, I'm nearly sure there was a Pub around Galway City, don't think it was the Skeff, which ran their own Speed-date Nights on a regular weekly or monthly basis, last year or the year before, but I just can't remember who it was.

Actually would it have been one of the newer Hotels maybe .....

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