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When she delivers the drink to her #1 prospect, she leans in and tries to flirtatiously whisper-bark, “Since you were KOIND enough to bring ME a drink, I thought I’d bring YOU a drink.” Everyone is horrified-slash-amused, except poor Brian, who’s forced to clink glasses with Ramona while he wonders if he’s just been roofied. And Tinsley raises everyone’s spirits when she tells the group that they’re going to travel to Colombia to stay in her girlfriend’s palatial estate. Bethenny’s final interview is the MVP spot of the episode, as she apes Ramona playing the flirty Bringer Of Drinks To Men In Red Scarves with aplomb.

Luann says the hardest part of staying sober so far has been going to restaurants.

Because when you think, “I need this act to be classed up a little bit” you naturally think of the woman who lounges in her own filthy bed surrounded by plastic tarps as she sniffs yesterday’s underwear. When Sonja arrives, she immediately starts bragging about her lengthy experience in improv and stripping, or um, “caberlesque.” Ben and Billy are delighted by Sonja’s quirkiness, but Luann just hopes her friend doesn’t strip on stage. So yeah, Luann can only hope Sonja wears underwear.

“I can only hope this show will be a snatch-free zone,” she says.

Dorinda can sympathize, except that her house is her bar, and she’ll happily take all of Luann’s extra booze if she’s looking to throw it away! Bethenny enters the clusterf**k, hoping to score too.

Dorinda and Luann head into Dorinda’s church to light a candle in commemoration of Luann hitting 30 days sober, which is very sweet and something Lu seems to genuinely appreciate. She loves Dennis, but she’s open to dating because apparently, Dennis isn’t “able to be a partner” right now. When Bethenny sees the red-scarfed gentlemen that Ramona was flirting with earlier (Brian), she recognizes him from a party in Miami where they originally met. They had one lunch together, says Bethenny, and sort of lost touch since then.

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