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Please note, that you cannot undo deletion of your addon.This problem is most likely caused by you using a Laptop Touch Pad in order to play Garry's Mod.No início havia poucos servidores de Counter-Strike: Source, principalmente servidores brasileiros.Após a divulgação do jogo principal com altas notas na imprensa especializada, novos servidores locais brasileiros surgiram, migrando boa parte dos jogadores da versão anterior.

This article will teach you how to update and edit your addon in the Workshop. Updating the rest, such as title and description is done through Steam Workshop website. To avoid updating problems, the change note should only use US-ASCII characters (latin characters with no accents).

Use this command line to update your icon: Replace "1337" with the workshop ID of your addon. id=[id here] Icon must be 512x512 JPG image (chroma 4:2:0).

You can change this text later on the workshop page of your addon, in the "Change Notes" tab.

On the opened page edit title and description of your addon and click 'Save' button in the bottom right corner.

Once you have opened page with your addon, you need to find and click 'Add/edit images & videos' button on the right.

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